Category Engines
Product MOTOR
Code M-01
Manufacturer COMELZ
Model 42/A
Description ARGO 42/A PROGRAMMABLE BRUSHLESS MOTOR FOR SEWING MACHINES ENERGY SAVING MAINTENANCE-FREE MACHINE LIBRARY MULTI-LINGUAL CONSOLE FOR AUTOMATION CUSTOMIZABLE PRODUCTION CONTROL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ENERGY SAVING ARGO is a brushless motor with rare-earth permanent magnets (maximum power 750 W) and it uses power only while rotating, recuperating it while braking. MAINTENANCE-FREE No brake-clutch assembly and no brushes, it needs no maintenance, no overhauling and no replacement of wear parts. MACHINE LIBRARY By choosing machine model and type in a large list, ARGO programs itself for any sewing machine. A set of interchangeable socket panels provides for different levels of performances, according to the equipment of the machine. Socket panels CZ0, CZ1, CZ2, CZ3 CZ4 and NT4 make ARGO suitable for simple machines, as well as for machines with full equipment, up to controlling automatic units with special devices and step motors. MULTI-LINGUAL CONSOLE The graphic console MT800 is the comprehensive instrument to communicate with ARGO. A set of pages with graphic symbols and message lines in six languages, guides through the use of sewing programs, through the trimming of settings, through customized applications and through the control of production data. FOR AUTOMATION Equipped with socket panels CZ3, CZ4 or NT4, ARGO becomes a simple and comprehensive instrument to develop automatic units. Through freely programmable sewing cycles, it can control the behaviour of 12 devices, it can receive signals form 10 inputs and it can drive 4 step motors in three different modes (PULLER: speed proportional to feed, JOG: adjustable independent speed, POS: angular positioning). CUSTOMIZABLE For those who develop customized applications, the console MT800 supplies a page-based facility, called cover pages, to simplify the use of the machine. This system allows the operator to control sewing cycles, also very complex ones, through a single cover page where, beside the control of devices, up to 8 parameters related to the process are listed, identified by a 12-character text. PRODUCTION CONTROL During operations, ARGO counts the processed pieces, it notifies the reaching of the defined quantity, it records operating time and calculates productivity. This information, related to machine and operator codes, can afterwards be examined and processed by transferring them to a PC through transfer memory chips KK195 and the memory reader ML02 for PC. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Power supply Single phase Voltage 190/240 o 100/127 V Frequency 50/60 Hz Power output 750 W Rated speed 4500 rpm Max speed 6000 rpm Rated torque 1,6 Nm Max. torque 5 Nm Protection grade IP40 Fitting size DIN 4270 Gross weight 14,5 Kg Packing dimensions 250x250x550 mm
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